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Navajo rugs & Navajo saddle blankets

Our Navajo textiles

Navajo textiles are widely collected by visionary and mature collectors, such as corporations in Palm Beach, FL. The increasing importance of handmade textiles has been challenging that of the traditional collectibles and made Navajo arts eventually become a leading trend. Most Navajo artists who made those rugs and blankets, are women, and the income source of the entire Native American families. Larger pieces of rugs take more than one weaver, sometimes the entire family, several months up to a year from processing the wool to finish. Our gallery has sourced Navajo textiles locally from most established artists and handlers, and has seen the impressive difference between their lives and the lives of people living outside the region. We thus feel it is also our mission that these exceptional fine art products should be promoted to the world where people make prestigious livings and love collecting the best quality arts.

Our gallery owns the finest authentic Navajo textiles outside the Navajo region. To protect image rights of our corporation, please find more info on our partner site:

authentic finest Navajo rug

authentic finest Navajo rug