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917 Fine Arts Corp.

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A corporation in Florida with an office in NYC, we focus on introducing contemporary arts with dynamic perspectives, as well as promoting collectible Native American arts.  We support community art appreciation and specialize in art evaluation.

the artists

Our gallery rotates exhibitions with artwork created by various artists and collections. Gallery owner Lj. is an active emerging artist herself and lived in various regions of Asia, Europe, and California. Most of her paintings show abstract alien landscapes, presenting their unique and momental scenarios from unconscious perceptions. Though her approaches look abstract, her understanding of art creation and her setting of working philosophy are rather realistic -- she emphasizes colors and compositions in painting and wants the outcomes to bring delight and look classic. By doing art, she encourages and illuminates viewers to unfold their potentials by interpreting the images and meanings of the paintings to project into their own worlds, and so to awaken the power of their subconsciousness, to take it to pursue and realize their dreams and positive goals. Her work are also on view in a few galleries in Manhattan, including 1stdibs gallery. 

Our Native American artists reside in the Navajo Nation in New Mexico and Arizona, USA, and weave or make pottery from home.

Other artwork  curated include pieces with strong interior design purposes, and by the Latin American masters who had long-term significant presence in Miami, FL. 917 Fine Arts gallery's exhibitions extend to major art fairs nationwide. We suggest to follow our calendar to gain private insights and inquire about VIP tickets.